The Coast Guard Road Sanitary Landfill is a fully permitted, modern landfill, designed and constructed to safely dispose of a variety of non-hazardous Type I, II, and III solid wastes. It provides safe and secure disposal for industrial and municipal clients. With an ongoing record of efficiency and environmental compliance, this landfill serves the special needs of the offshore energy and industrial sectors, as well as towns and parishes throughout southeast Louisiana.

Coast Guard Road Sanitary Landfill first opened in February 1991. It is one of the first facilities to incorporate a full composite lining from the day it opened. The landfill is storm protected by a full levee system. From its inception, it has been designed, constructed and operated to meet the very stringent standards of RCRA Subtitle D, and LDEQ Type I non-hazardous industrial waste, Type II municipal solid waste, and type III construction and demolition wastes disposal regulations.


P.O. Box 880 | Belle Chasse, LA 70037 | 266 Coast Guard Road | Venice, Louisiana 70091 | 504-361-0094 |